Bitcoin and NSA (比特币及美国国家安全局的关係)

In my previous posting, I did emphasize that the Bitcoin ledger (i.e. the Blockchain) is quite robust because of the strong encryption of all transactions despite everybody can access, download and play with it. (Please also read my warning in my other posting here).

The encryption technology is creditable because it was developed by the NSA of the US Government in 2001 and had been tested and used for many years.

In brief, each transaction (in fact, I would rather call it an assignment because the recipient plays no role in the execution of the transaction) is encrypted (or hashed) by SHA-256 (a cryptographic hash functions developed by NSA of the US Government).

The following fictitious transactions may provide you some idea about the encryption.

Transaction 1.

2013-06-23 Obama pays Putin 1 million for sending Edward Snowden to USA

Transaction 2

2013-06-24 Putin pays Obama 1 million with comment money returned Edward Snowden loves to stay with me

Applying the SHA-256 function to the two transactions produces the following fixed length outputs. The technical term for the output is a digest.

The digest of Transaction 1 reads like this


The digest of Transaction 2 reads like this


You can try out the SHA-256 function here to encrypt your secret message to grasp an understanding what it is and may be you can use it to verify the above two transactions.

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